“Les Elites De Demain” scholarship

The scholarship

To build “A better Guinea”, youth play a major role. Guinea Promise invests in the education of young, high potential Guineans because we believe that they are key in the stewardship and fulfillment of our vision.

“Les Elites De Demain” scholarship creates a supportive and merit based structure around high potential youth in financial need so that they have a shot at their dreams. Through this scholarship, Guinea Promise strives to begin a virtuous cycle in which successful Guineans empower other Guineans to create a generation of leaders that will shape the future of the country. We provide scholarships to students in their final year of middle school through their high school graduation. Each of our scholarship recipients go through a rigorous application process and is carefully selected. We look for students with a rare combination of talent, outstanding academic or community service record, leadership, determination and purpose.

Each scholar receives financial, academic and social support, attends one of Guinea Promise’s partner schools, connects to a network of like minded grantees, and is given priority access to other Guinea Promise programs. To be named a “Les Elites De Demain” scholar is an outstanding accomplishment that will significantly impact the future of each recipient.

Eligibility criteria & Selection Process


Guinea Promise created a competitive scholarship “Les Élites de Demain” targeting low-income students who have demonstrated academic excellence, are deeply committed to their community and have shown a strong willingness to contribute to the development of Guinea.

Applications are ONLY accepted via email. All required documents must be sent to apply@guinea-promise.org by the deadline. All applications missing one or more supporting documents will not advance to the next round of the selection process.

Application evaluation criteria

The selection committee uses a combination of the following criteria to select and invite candidates to a face-to-face interview:

  • Financial situation of the family
  • 10th grade academic performance
  • Performance on the essay question
  • Involvement in extracurricular and community activities
  • Quality of the recommendation letter
  • Academic recognitions

Application timeline

July 15th – August 19

Your application should be sent during this period. All applications received before or after these dates are simply ignored.

1st September

Guinea Promise announces the list of applicants selected for the interviews, which are the next step of the selection process. An email will also be sent to your email address informing you of the outcome of your application, and if you are selected for the interviews how to prepare.

3 September - 7 September

Guinea Promise conduct the interviews in person in Conakry and all selected candidates are required to be present in Conakry for a day between September 3rd and 7th. Guinea Promise covers transportation costs for candidates applying from other cities.

10th October

Guinea Promise announces the list of candidates selected for the scholarship.

Frequently asked questions

What is the scholarship “Les Elites De Demain”

Les Elites de demain” is a merit based scholarship targeting high potential high-schoolers, residing in Guinea, from low income families.

How much is the scholarship?

The scholarship management team determines on an ongoing basis what support is the most impactful to assist the scholarship recipient. The scholarship currently covers tuition, school supplies and transportation.

Why does Guinea Promise give scholarships?

We support young Guineans through the scholarship because we believe they are the steward of our vision, and good education is fundamental to their role in the future of Guinea.

Where does Guinea Promise receive its scholarship funds from?

The scholarship is funded by generous contributions from Guinea Promise members and various donors.

How are scholarship funds disbursed?

Funds are disbursed directly to the respective parties providing the service. For example, school. No money is directly given to students.

Does the scholarship expire?

The scholarship is granted to student during their first year of high school renewable each subsequent year of high school for a maximum of three years. Renewal is contingent on the recipient continuously meeting all scholarship requirements.

For how long will I receive the scholarship if I am selected?

The scholarship is granted for the three years of high school.

What is expected from scholarship recipient?

Students that are granted the scholarship are expected to attend one of our approved high schools, strive for excellence, and attend other mandatory programs such as the Book Club.

Can I apply if I don’t live in Conakry?

Yes, all students residing in Guinea are welcome. Our partner high schools are currently in Conakry but we are working on expanding that list to more high schools outside of Conakry.

I have a question not in this list, how can I contact you if i have any other questions?

For questions not addressed here, you can contact us at info@guineapromise.org

I already have another scholarship or financial aid, does that disqualify me?

No. However since one of our evaluation criteria is financial need, you will have to prove, in addition to our standard criterias, that you need the scholarship.

I already attend a private school, am I still eligible?

Yes, you are still eligible but will have to prove that without the scholarship your education could be jeopardized.

Am I eligible if I am already in high school?

Application are only open to students in their first year of high school.

Am I eligible if I am already at the university or a vocational school?

No, only students in their first year of high school are eligible.

Is Guinea Promise an accredited NGO?

Guinea Promise is an accredited NGO in the United State. For any inquiry about our accreditation please contact us at info@guineapromise.org

Are my donations tax deductible?

Donations to Guinea Promise by U.S residents are tax deductible. Residents of other countries should check with their tax authorities.

Is Guinea Promise affiliated to any business or political group?

No, Guinea Promise is nonpolitical and not affiliated with any business interest. Moreover, we pledge to never let source of funds dictate policies of our programs.

How can I support Guinea Promise?

Guinea Promise members are committed to building and maintaining effective programs. Programs that serves the people. You can support us in our effort, by donating, volunteering, joining us or simply sending us your kind words.