The Vision

It is one thing to learn about an amoeba as a two dimensional image or study the theory of motion in a textbook, it is a whole other experience to look through a microscope and see that same organism freely moving in its natural habitat; or be part of a demonstration about the laws of motion. Without opportunities for hands on learning, it is easy to mistake science for magic.

Mobile Lab is Guinea Promise’s attempt to bridge this gap. We believe it is imperative that theoretical education is coupled with hands-on experience, and that learning should be made exciting through such discovery. Only in these opportunities is true inspiration possible, and students can realize their capacity to turn their imagination into reality.

The vision for the Mobile Lab is to advance STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education in Guinea and enhance school curriculums. We partner with schools to support their science and engineering curriculums by providing opportunities for students to see in real life the lessons they are being taught at the same time they are receiving them in the classroom.

Help us bring this project to life !