Mission / Vision

Be a catalyst for change in Guinea by providing future leaders educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.

One of the leading causes of under-achievement among young Africans is the lack of access to opportunities. We aim to build a better Guinea, a better Africa, a better world, by removing barriers and providing young Guineans access to opportunities. The youth, empowered with a sense of purpose will change Guinea, build a country to be proud of, and ultimately realize the unfulfilled potential of the country.

Our story

Guinea Promise is a US based 501c3 charitable organization that was started in 2015 by a group of friends with one thing in common: dream of a Guinea where the most pressing challenges facing the country are transformed into opportunities by the best and brightest Guineans. The friends wanted to be part of a movement of identifying, supporting and nurturing a class of future leaders.

And so it began, in one conference call, via Facebook messenger!

“To whom much is given, much is expected.” This simple, but profound truth, is both the inspiration and motivation behind Guinea Promise. The Promise being to create a circle of services to provide opportunities for all Guineans by pooling talents and resources to create lasting change for Guinea’s future.

Guinea Promise invests in the country’s youth by providing opportunities in the areas of education and entrepreneurship. Youth are set up for success through the use of innovative programs designed to prepare them to tackle the greatest challenges in Guinea, Africa and the world at large.

Driven by research and evaluation, the Guinea Promise team employs a consultative approach with committed stakeholders to identify the gaps where the organization’s resources can make the biggest impacts in the lives of Guineans.

Our Values

At Guinea Promise, we work everyday with these Core Values in mind:


Stay true to our vision.


Stay grounded while always asking: “How can We make the world a better place today?


Tackle Africa’s greatest challenges with a bias for action.


Provide simple solutions to complex problems. Challenge conventional wisdom and offer alternatives.


Create an inclusive environment with people of diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

We are committed to being a catalyst for change in Guinea!

Support our effort and contribute to providing Guinea's youth with opportunities.